Kingdomcity Leadership Academy has begun for 2017!

Everything we do as a church is designed to connect you, equip you and empower you to bring the reality of God to your world. Kingdomcity Leadership Academy (KLA) is an intensive 9-month acceleration of spiritual development that will change your life.

Whatever your dream is and whatever your future holds in terms of call, career, family and community, it will be more effective in every area as a “disciple of Christ” rather than just a “casual Christian”.

The making of a disciple is multi-dimensional – it involves learning, relating, training, encountering and experiencing. KLA is intentionally designed as a 9-month program with all these components in mind, so that whatever relationship, role and responsibility you carry in life, you will engage it as a “better” person because of this life changing investment.

If: you are part of Kingdomcity; you are willing to invest 3 days a week (including Sunday) for 9 months (Feb – Oct 2017) to be holistically discipled; and you are hungry to grow, teachable in heart and willing to experience something new

We invite you to apply to join us on this exciting journey of leadership and discipleship.


Mark & Jemima Varughese
Senior Leaders, Kingdomcity



Our existing equipping courses and specifically designed KLA discipleship material will be instrumental in deepening your understanding of God’s word and how it applies to every part of your life. The values of the King and His Kingdom are transferable to all parts of life and this will be a time of depth and application that will strengthen your relationship with God.



Loving God and people is demonstrated through service with love and excellence. We grow by serving, we love by serving and we learn by serving. This is a huge part of biblical discipleship. As a participant, you will be a part of the Kingdomcity team and be involved in the outworking of our weekly services, programmes and our larger events as a volunteer. This includes one day during the week and a Sunday serving role. Everyone who has done great things for God in life has been discipled through the joy of serving to bless others.



A vital part of discipleship is not just learning the theory of God but experiencing His reality and encountering Him. Encounters with God change you and there will be time set apart for receiving ministry, seeking God through worship and prayer and the encounters with God. Knowing about God is important, but knowing God is the real goal. The spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting and bible reading will be intentionally integrated as a key part of KLA.


Mission trips always leave a mark on your life. We have determined that the discipleship process is not complete unless each person experiences a life-altering mission trip, so we have made it a part of the KLA experience. In 2017, your fee will include the entire Gathering  & Convergence experience in KL and Cambodia, including all costs (and airfares from Perth for Perth participants)! You will return absolutely impacted and eternally ‘marked’ by your  time away.




Fees include:

All Kingdomcity events throughout the year that you are required to be at.

Full Gathering & Convergence Experience Package 9 days, 8 nights in KL and Cambodia, including all flights to and from KL (for Perth participants) and to and from Cambodia (for all KL & Perth participants). Check out the website below!




Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get a job at Kingdomcity if I attend KLA?

A: No. Kingdomcity Leadership Academy is discipleship journey that will act as a catalyst in enriching your relationship with Christ.

Q: Will I get to choose where I intern?

A: We will take your preferred department into consideration during the application process, but roles change throughout the year so there’s a good chance the place you intern in will change anyway.

Q: Will I get a personal mentor?

A: KLA is more about helping you on a discipleship processes that will help you become more dependent in Christ rather than a mentor.

Q: Is this course accredited?

A: Although learning is one of the key components, it is intentional that this course is not externally accredited as we desire to prioritise the discipleship process over just the academic process. We believe the content is accreditation level worthy but we value the flexibility that our own equipping courses provide. By not paying an external body, it has enabled us to reduce cost significantly, yet still include the entire Gathering & Convergence experience in the price, including all airfares!  As KLA is not externally accredited, there is no FEE-HELP (Aust) available for this program, but a payment plan option is available for those who require one.

Q: Will I need books?

A: Throughout the year you’ll receive readings. There will be some books to purchase, but you will be informed of what those are well before the year begins.

Q: Are there assessments?

A: There are some assessments, but these are based around reflecting on what you’ve learnt throughout the year rather than proving that you can retain information.

Q: What are the expectations for serving at events?

A: As a part of the interning and serving experience, you will be utilised on Sunday services and at all church wide events such as This Is Kingdomcity, Freedom Encounter, and Churchwide Leaders and Volunteers.

Q: What does it mean if I’ve completed previous years of KLA/College?

A: This is a brand new course. Unfortunately any previous study won’t be accredited as this is a non-accredited course.


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