Who is Jesus?

If we continue to work day and night in our efforts, toward our own goals and desires, we will only earn ourselves death, but God’s free gift is real life, eternal life, a gift given by Jesus Christ… Romans 6:23

But while we were still far, far off, God displayed His immense unending love for us by offering His own Son, Jesus Christ to die in our place, a sacrificial death, to pay the price for our mistakes… Romans 5:8

This is salvation! With your whole heart, mind and soul, embrace Jesus, call out to God, “Jesus is my Saviour and my Master!”, and “God has set everything right between Him and me!”… Romans 10:9

If you would like to ask Jesus to come in to your heart, to accept Him as your Saviour and Lord please pray this prayer and simply fill in the form below.

Dear Jesus,
I acknowledge that I have made mistakes; I have made choices that have fallen short of Your best for my life. I have sinned and I need a Saviour. Jesus I believe you are God’s own Son and you died to pay the price for my sin and gave me eternal life. Then 3 days later You rose to life again to give me victory. I receive your forgiveness for my sin and ask you to come into my heart. Wash me clean of all I have done wrong and help me Lord to begin to live for you. Holy Spirit come into my life and help me to get to know you as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you God.

In Christ Jesus, Amen.

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