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At Kingdomcity, we are committed to serving our local community.

We believe that we should be relevant in our cities and in our communities and every week we provide programmes to children, teenagers and adults across Perth.

Community Performances and Events

Each year, teams of Kingdomcity volunteers assist in community events across Perth and Mandurah. We create and perform relevant musical productions and entertainment for all ages. We also provide activities for children and adults like face painting, giveaways and serve free Kingdomcity Water bottles.
In 2017, we provided a free community Christmas production in many Perth and Mandurah locations, including a pre-game Perth Wildcats programme.

Over the years we have hosted free carol programmes during the festive season.

Weekly Youth Programme

CityYouth is our weekly Youth programme of Kingdomcity. Every week we have teenagers come together across Perth and Mandurah for the opportunity to connect, get equipped and empowered with positive messages enrich their lives.


High School Programmes

In several school across Perth and Mandurah, we run a program where we hang out with students, building connections and adding a community presence to the school. We run larger events where we provide food, fun games and events to bless the school and outreach to the youth at the school.

We also run a “self-development” program for both boys and girls that teaches them about respect, resilience, teamwork, value and purpose. The girl’s programme is call “Beautiful by Design” and the boys programme is called “Man Up”

Women’s Connection Programme

For several years we have been running a free community programme that provides relaxing and refreshing moments of connecting, learning and support for all women. This programme is for women of all ages and backgrounds.

We provide interesting topics and workshops that are educational, inspirational and practical. These are designed to help make life easier and more enriched.

This programme is currently being refreshed and will be relaunching soon.

Equipping Courses

Each term at Kingdomcity, we offer courses that will empower you in your marketplace, increase your leadership capacity or strengthen your family and relationships.


If you have any questions about any for our community projects, courses and programmes, please email info.perth@kingdomcity.com