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Giving in Person

On the Weekend
At any of our weekend services you can place cash into the buckets at our campus. One of our friendly team members will be there to help you!

Giving by Cheque

Make cheques payable to:
Kingdomcity Church

Kingdomcity Hub
#863, St 77BT, Chamreoun Phal

Automated Giving

Kingdomcity Phnom Penh Bank Account Details:
Bank Name:
ANZ Royal Bank
Account Number: 3583487
Account Name: Kingdomcity Church
Address: #863, St 77BT, Chamreoun Phal

* In the Transaction Description section, please indicate “Tithing”

Why set up Automated Giving?

  1. On Principle. I recognise the value of putting God first. And not with my leftovers. This ensures my best goes to God. And consistently.
  2. For Convenience. It’s my way of ensuring the practical consistency of my giving matches my heart.

Set up Regular Giving

  1. You can set up an automated DIRECT DEBIT from your bank account to Kingdomcity. Contact your bank for more details on how you can set that up.

What if my circumstances change?
Just email Kingdomcity at and let us know the nature of the change and we will make it in accordance with your instructions.

Automated Giving

You can give online using our secure online giving portal. Set up once by creating an account and easily give using your credit card. Should you have any issues please contact us for assistance.

Give Online

We believe in giving out of conviction and not out of compulsion.

A tithe simply means a “tenth”. Tithing is our tangible way of bringing to God that which belongs to Him anyway. It’s our obedient response to His clear command to “bring” the first tenth of our income into the ‘storehouse’. God’s promise is that our obedience brings us divine protection. We don’t tithe to “get” – we tithe to “obey”.

What about offerings?

Offerings are our free will giving over and above the tithe. God speaks about the principles of sowing and reaping and freewill offerings in every area of our lives and this includes our finances. Please prayerfully, intentionally and responsibly consider the offerings you give and do it according to your personal conviction and to the measure of your relationship with God. We don’t advise people to go into debt to give offerings, but this is between you and God.

What are the consequences either way?

Kingdomcity doesn’t differentiate in our care for anyone based on giving. Giving is personal matter between you and God and your obedience or disobedience carries consequences between you and God. Our church will continue to love and support every person who wants to be part of our church without regard to whether they give or not and how much they give.