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KIDS ~ 1 to 11 CITYYOUTH ~ 12 to 17

Kingdomcity Kids is the children’s ministry at Kingdomcity.

We believe that children are sons and daughters of God, loved by Him and just as much a part of the church as everyone else. Our mission is to connect, equip and empower children to bring the reality of God to their world. Kingdomcity Kids provides full children’s programmes alongside all of our Sunday services. We provide programs for three different age groups; FearlessRoyalty (6-12yrs), YoungRoyalty (3-5yrs) & BabyRoyalty (1-2yrs). These programs are fun, safe, Godly and catered to the age-level of your children.

For a copy of our Child Protection policy contact us at and we will happily forward you a copy

New to Kingdomcity Kids?

If your children are attending Kingdomcity Kids for the first time, please note that registration is open from 15 minutes before the service until 15 minutes after the service start. We recommend coming early to complete the first time registration process and settle your children.

Please keep your cellphone at hand during the service as we will use this to contact you in the event that your child requires assistance.

Every child needs to be registered at our Kids Registration Desk before entering the halls. Do speak with one of our Kids Impactors if you are new and they will guide you through the registration and our basic child care policy.

In the our age group programmes, we run series with story/message, games, activities/crafts, prayer and group discussions (for Fearless Royalty). We also have a segment in the classes for kids to share testimonies!

  1. Every child must be registered and checked-in at the registration desk. No person can enter the kids halls without the specific sticker.
  2. No parent/helper is allowed in the kids halls unless prior permission has been given by our Children’s Pastor/Team Leader or if the parent/helper is there to attend to a special needs child.
  3. Children who were sick with contagious diseases within the last 48 hours from Sunday are not allowed.
  4. Our kids programme is strictly for children aged 1 to 12 only.
  5. No child can be left alone in a room without an Impactor or with just 1 Kids Impactor. There needs to be at least 2 Kids Impactor present.
  6. No nappy change for babies will be done by the Kids Impactors. The parent of the child needing nappy change will be contacted to do so.
  7. Our Kids Impactor: Child ratios are 1:3 for BabyRoyalty, 1:6 for YoungRoyalty and 1:10 for FearlessRoyalty
  • Registration and check in
  • Mingling and free play
  • Praise and worship, Welcome, Giving, Birthdays and Announcements
  • Age Group Programme (differ for all age groups)
  • Check out


For more information, please email