Chris Durso is the Lead Pastor of Saints Church in New York with campuses in Queens and Brooklyn. Him and his wife, Yahris have been pastors in the church for over 12 years, serving in various areas of the ministry such as the youth ministry known as Misfit. They have two children, Dylan and Chloe. Pastor Chris is also an author of two books: Misfit and The Heist.

Jason Lozano and his beautiful wife and co-pastor, Elizabeth, lead Freedom Christian Center (FCC) which was born in a small art studio in Uptown Whittier, CA, and has quickly expanded to the present two facilities. His desire is to see the character of Christ formed in all church members through a well-defined curriculum emphasizing salvation, establishment, discipleship, and multiplication.

Mark & Jemima Varughese are the Senior Leaders of Kingdomcity – a growing, vibrant church in multiple locations around the world. With a growing gifted team of passionate pastors and strategic leaders in multiple nations, Kingdomcity is quickly expanding into a global movement with seeds now in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia in first world and developing world settings. The “family atmosphere” between the team globally continues to be a hallmark of Kingdomcity and the emphasis on relational connection, spiritual hunger, and daily empowerment of each believer ‘to bring the reality of God to their world’ is their unashamed focus.


We are starting 10 days of prayer and fasting, from the 20th to the 29th of July, in the anticipated lead up to Global Gathering and Miracle Offering. On each day, there will be scriptures and prayer points that will stir our hearts and fuel our faith for all that God is doing! To find out how to join us online and view the daily prayer points, simply click the button below.


Global Gathering 2021 is a convergence of our Connect Conference and Miracle Offering. It will be best experienced in homes, together with your Connects, families and friends. Early and exclusive access to our sessions and resources will be available on our Connect Portal which is accessible to Connect Leaders. If you are currently not in a Connect and would like to join one, click here! For public access to our sessions, subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated with the releases.

Downloadable link for Session 1 for both adult and kids sessions will be available on 30 July at 10AM (GMT+8) onwards on our Connect Portal.

Downloadable link for Session 2 for both adult and kids sessions will be available on 31 July at 10AM (GMT+8) onwards on our Connect Portal.

Link for Session 3 for both adult and kids sessions will be available on 1 August at 1AM (GMT+8) onwards on our Connect Portal.

Link to access both adult and kids sessions will be available on our Youtube Channel on 1 August at 5PM (GMT+8) onwards.


Link for our Miracle Offering service will be available on-demand on our Youtube Channel on 1 August at 1AM (GMT+8) onwards.

Head to our Youtube Channel by simply clicking the button below.