Dear Kingdomcity Family,

Church at Home
This Season

Over the last few weekendsas various cities have opened up, we have received so many great stories of renewed connection, warm community, while enjoying church together on Sunday. In some nations, gatherings are starting to open up again with others hopefully moving in that direction as well. And while we are looking forward to our face to face temple gatherings, there is an incredible momentum with “church at home” in this season. Whichever city you’re in, if you’re abledon’t do church alone next Sunday.

Global Prayer Night
This Tuesday 7.30PM (Perth/KL time) 

On the first Tuesday of every month, we gather as a church globally for Global Prayer Night and this Tuesdaywherever you are in the world, whatever time zone you’re in, you can join us in the same room as we come together in unity to pray as a globe. It is always a powerful night as we intercede for our families and the nations of the world.

As always, everything you need to know and stay engaged with can be found at including our Online Connects, and other changes in this season.  

If you’ve been enjoying our weekend services so far, don’t forget to share the link with someone because you never know whose lives may be touched and impacted through your reach.   

We continue to pray God’s peace, protection and provision over you.

Much love,

Ps Mark & Jemima
& The Kingdomcity Team