Dear Kingdomcity Family,

While we are definitely missing our in-person gatherings in every country, the online reach of our church has gone beyond anything we could have expected. We are adapting as we go, but so far, this season has seen us launch new platforms, reach new nations, write new songs and develop structures to bring the reality of God to our world.

This is Freedom
This Wednesday 7.30pm (Perth/KL/SG time)

This Wednesday, we’ve got This is Freedom which is a ministry-based session designed for Personal Wholeness in Christ.

In this session, we will learn about how the hurts and memories of the past and the pressures of daily life can cause many of us to take on unforgiveness, sinful thoughts, and addictions. Through ministry, we will experience spiritual cleansing through repentance, forgiveness, renunciation, and the restoration of your true identity. Step by step, you will be set free from negative thoughts, unclean desires, toxic emotions, and sinful habits, and encounter the fullness of freedom through Christ.

Whether or not you’ve participated in one of these sessions before, we would love you to join us on this night.

Sunday Service Timings

Every Sunday, our main service is available from Sunday morning at 6am (GMT+8) and streaming every 2 hours after that – so join us on an ‘even hour’ service (6am, 8am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm – GMT +8) on YouTube or Facebook. From Monday morning at midnight, they will be available on-demand on our website so even if you missed out on a live service, you can still catch the service in your own time.

Kingdomcity Online Campus

Our online campus is designed for everyone who wants to stay connected with Kingdomcity – it offers ‘connection’ and ‘community’ through our engaging online platform.

So now, anyone from anywhere can belong to Kingdomcity!

Whatever makes it impossible or impractical to belong to “community” in our physical locations is no longer an obstacle to connect with or belong to Kingdomcity.

For more details on our online campus, click the button below.

Join our Online Campus here

Stay Connected
Online and offline

To help you stay connected in this online era, please subscribe to our Kingdomcity YouTube channel (which has all our kids, youth and main services during this season) and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @kingdomcity which includes daily live devotions at 8am, prayer at 7pm, and devotions & prayer at 1am (Perth/KL/SG time).  

It’s a wonderful time to ‘share’ the links of all our services to your family, friends and neighbours. “Evangelism”, “being a witness” and “bringing hope” looks like a simple click in this season, so why not spread the Word and share the good news every week.

As always, everything you need to know and stay engaged can be done at

Join with us as we continue to “Reach the lost” and “Connect the found. God is with you, He is for you. May His face shine upon you, be gracious to you and give you and your family peace.

Much love,

Ps Mark & Jemima
& The Kingdomcity Team