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Kingdomcity Leadership Academy (KLA) runs from February to November 2019 and includes Kingdomcity Conference that is happening from 24th to 26th September 2019 as well as a Cambodian Mission Experience in August 2019.



Fees include the Mission Experience component and all paid Kingdomcity events that you will be serving at. Applications submitted in 2018 are free. Applications submitted after 31 December 2018 will be charged a fee of RM50.


Payment plans are available in 1 full payment, 2 split installments or 5 monthly payments.
Please note that all fees must be paid in full by 1st June 2019.


Weekly Requirements are:

Academic Day – Tuesday from 8am to 5:30pm at the Kingdomcity Hub
Interning Day – One day a week (outside of Tuesday) depending on Department
Services Day –At all weekend services throughout the day

Other requirements include mid-week track nights, church wide events, and Connect Group.

Q: Will I get to choose where I intern?
A: We will take your preferred department into consideration during the application process, but roles change throughout the year so there’s a good chance the place you intern in will change anyway.

Q: Will I get a personal mentor?
A: KLA is more about helping you on a discipleship process that will help you become more dependent in Christ rather than personal mentoring.

Q: Is this course accredited?
A: Although learning is one of the key components, it is intentional that this course is not externally accredited as we desire to prioritise the discipleship process over just the academic process. We believe the content is accreditation level worthy but we value the flexibility that our own Equipping courses provide. By not paying an external body, it has enabled us to reduce cost significantly, yet still include Kingdomcity events and the Missions Experience component in the price, including all airfares! As KLA is not externally accredited, there is no FEE-HELP (Aust) available for this program.

Q: Will I need books?
A: Throughout the year you’ll receive readings. There will be some books to purchase, but you will be informed of what those are throughout the year, which will be at an additional expense to you.

Q: Are there assessments?
A: There are some assessments, but these are based around reflecting on what you’ve learnt throughout the year rather than proving that you can retain information.

Q: What are the expectations for serving at events?
A: As a part of the interning and serving experience, you will be serving at Weekend services and at all church wide events such as This Is Kingdomcity, This is Freedom, and Carriers Night.