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Get Connected Today

Are you new to Church or have you been coming to Kingdomcity a while and have not yet had the chance to get involved in a Connect Group?

It is here at a Connect Group where you really get the chance to build some solid relationships with other people in our Church, our groups meet in houses across KL every fortnight, Connect Group isn’t solely a fortnightly gathering it’s much more, many Connect groups have social nights, meet at parks with family and friends, attend fun events and much more.

However Connect Groups are still much more than a social connection they are also about discipleship it is a place where many people discover more about the bible and where they fit into God’s plan for the local Church.

We have Connect Groups for all age groups and for people in all seasons of life, sign up today and one of our Connect Leaders will be in touch with the details of your local group.

Connect Groups for all Ages

Adult Connect Groups

The Adult Connect Groups are the adult connect groups of Kingdomcity. This is a great opportunity to get connected with people who are passionate in honouring God amidst juggling multiple roles with work, parenting, and life. A truly amazing place to build relationship with others and and the life of our church.

Sound Connect Groups

If you’re a young adult, whether in uni or working, we would love to invite and meet you at any one of our incredible Connect Groups. Be a part of young adult community today!

CityYouth Connect Groups


If you are a teenager between the ages of 12-17, then you should definitely come and check out what’s happening at CityYouth Connect Groups. We have a whole host of awesome leaders and mentors who are ready to journey with you and help you make the most of your years in High School! Come check out CityYouth and we guarantee that your life will be changed!

Join a Connect Today!