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Join us for a chat with Ps Mark and find out  where the vision for Kingdomcity began. Over the years, God has moved and breathed life into the vision He gave by bringing people from across the globe to be connected, equipped and empowered to bring the reality of God to their world!

Our Senior Leaders

Mark & Jemima are the Senior Leaders of Kingdomcity – a growing, vibrant church in multiple locations around the world.

With a growing, gifted team of passionate pastors and strategic leaders in multiple nations, Kingdomcity is quickly expanding into a global movement with seeds now in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia – in first-world and developing world settings.

The “family atmosphere” between the team, globally, continues to be a hallmark of Kingdomcity, and the emphasis on relational connection, spiritual hunger, and daily empowerment of each believer ‘to bring the reality of God to their world’ is their unashamed focus.

Mark’s journey began in 2003 when he left his legal career to pursue full-time ministry in a local church in Perth, Australia.  In 2005, he had a personal encounter with God in what he describes as “his burning bush” experience. In response to what he believed God told him, he left Australia, bought a one-way ticket to Malaysia, and planted what is now Kingdomcity, in April 2006.

Mark has recently launched his first book, “Ready, Fire! Aim”, which captures his personal journey and the Kingdomcity story, interwoven with a common thread of faith and risk. For more information about the book or to buy it now, click here.

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Jemima married Mark in 2007, joining him 18 months into this God-journey. Together, they share a passion and burden to bring the reality of God to our world across multiple cultures. She is a creative communicator, an anointed leader and wholeheartedly champions the young generations.

In her ministry, she has written, produced and directed in-depth curriculums for youth and for kids that are being taught worldwide. These curriculums are also available for purchases here with a Family Devotional Book coming soon! Along with their two energetic and creative sons, Zeke & Caleb, they are committed as a family to the mandate of Kingdomcity.

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Our Global Executive Team

André Dique

Matt Fielder

Mervin Jayaseela

David Storer

Ben Peters

Rachel Das

Mike Humberstone

Our Team

We now have nearly 200 staff across 13 countries with 17 different nationalities.

Global Team Camp 2019 Highlights

In 2019, we gathered our team from across the globe and met together for the most unforgettable Global Team Camp yet. Check out the highlights below!

Kingdomcity History Highlights

We’ve combed our archives and dusted off both cassette tapes and CD’s to gather together prophetic words released over Kingdomcity over the years. Watch it now below!