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Mark Varughese

Mark is the founder and Senior Leader of Kingdomcity – a growing, vibrant church in multiple locations around the world.

Along with his wife Jemima and a rising, gifted team of passionate pastors and strategic leaders in multiple nations, Kingdomcity is quickly expanding into a global movement with seeds now in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia – in first-world and developing world settings.

His journey began in 2003 when he left his legal career to pursue full-time ministry in a local church in Perth, Australia.

In 2005, he had a personal encounter with God in what he describes as “his burning bush” experience. In response to what he believed God told him, he left Australia, bought a one-way ticket to Malaysia, and planted what is now Kingdomcity, in April 2006.

Mark authored his first book “Ready, Fire! Aim”, which captures his personal journey and Kingdomcity story on paper. It is an inspiring life story interwoven with a common thread of faith and risk and it is available for purchase here.

Apart from preaching on stage, you would also often find Mark on the piano. He works closely with the worship team and has written multiple songs that continues to give powerful and passionate musical expression to God-centred worship in Kingdomcity. To listen to Kingdomcity original songs, click here.

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