Ready. Fire!…before aiming? That’s irresponsible advice if you’re holding a weapon but it is often the reality when following God on the journey of faith. Using his story and the first fourteen years of Kingdomcity as a backdrop, Mark Varughese encourages every reader to embrace the adventure that comes with saying ‘Yes’ to God, without hesitation.

Mark and his wife, Jemima, have spearheaded the startling growth of Kingdomcity, a global multi-site church of over 30,000 people across ten countries. In Ready, Fire! Aim, Mark recalls the profound burning-bush experience which triggered his move from Australia to Malaysia to start a church in early 2006, and the adventure that followed. He transparently shares his journey and the convictions that have underpinned it, to encourage and inspire you to take the risk that your dream may just need to become reality.

Mark is the founder and Senior Leader of Kingdomcity – a growing, vibrant church in multiple locations around the world. Born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia until the age of nine, Mark spent the next twenty-one years living in Perth in Western Australia. After completing his commerce and law degrees, Mark worked as a lawyer for five years, while continually serving as a volunteer in church, mainly as a musician. In January 2003, he left the legal profession to join the staff of a local church in Perth.