our 2023 academic year has commenced and enrolments for 2024 will open in october

Doable, Dynamic Discipleship

Greenhouse is a vehicle of transformation, but it’s our responsibility to access it.

Since we began in 2016, our equipping arm has become better, but the goal was always the same – to make disciples, to transform lives, and to help us walk in what God has given us.

We have changed, as our world has changed and our church has grown. Yet our focus and mandate has not and must not. We have doubled every year in engagement since we began and our church continues to grow every year.

I believe everyone in Kingdomcity wants to follow Jesus! Everyone wants to be discipled. We just have varying levels of complexities that we have to steward as we continue our journey of following Christ.To disciple the CEO, the retired, the single parent,the student, the traveller, the full-time worker in every nation and context keeps Greenhouse in a constant place of evolution and growth. So let me invite you to Greenhouse by painting a picture.

Imagine if Greenhouse wasn’t a course you crammed in, but a culture you grew in.

Imagine if Greenhouse wasn’t a year you graduate from, but a decade you grow through.

Imagine if Greenhouse wasn’t a sprint you tire from, but an endurance you develop when in it.

Imagine if Greenhouse wasn’t just a year, but a season. If it wasn’t just an education, but an environment.




In a world that is losing absolutes and questioning everything, it is vital to know WHAT you believe, WHY you believe it and HOW each belief practically impacts your life! 

This stream is designed to clearly communicate our foundational doctrines, and bring a unity of faith across Kingdomcity, through all our cultural boundaries. More importantly, it clarifies convictions and shows how each statement affects our lives today! Read “We Believe” on our website and if it awakens a desire in you to know not just ‘what’ but ‘why’ and ‘so what’ – this stream is for you. 

Bringing The Reality 

In Bringing the Reality, we will equip you with Kingdom principles that will help you Bring the Reality of God to your world – whatever your world is!

If you are passionate about making a difference in your workplace, having influence through your vocation, and seeing a change in the lives of those around you during the week, then this is your stream. We will look at how we can influence every sphere of society, and will cover topics such as Evangelism, Kingdom Culture and share practical ways that you can change your world. 


The best you is a ‘whole’ you. The best you is a healed you. 

This stream is about releasing the image-bearer that God made in you from the hindering restraints of your ‘ego’. We see in the earthly life of Jesus what it looks like to be a human image-bearer – Jesus was not only an example to us, He was an example of us, hence, His repeated call to ‘Follow Him’ and do as He does. Therefore, we could say that to be living in Wholeness is to be ‘Christlike’. To be fully alive, we must pursue our wholeness. This is a must for everyone at some stage of your journey.   

Spiritual Disciplines

The Spiritual Disciplines that anchor you in your personal relationship with God is something every follower of Christ should pursue. We will cover foundational topics such as worship, hunger for the Word, prayer & fasting, tithing, evangelism and corporate disciplines such as serving, giving, honouring, unity and more importantly why we do this and how it impacts your discipleship.

Each lesson is an open and interactive learning environment where you can ask questions, bringing added depth and insight to the truths you are learning. 


Everyone who engages in debates about the accuracy, relevance and hard parts of the Bible needs to do this course. If you want your Bible reading to come alive and have the context it deserves, then look no further.

Shane Willard opens the truth of the scriptures from a rabbinical and Hebraic perspective, enabling us to see God’s Word in a completely new way, bringing fresh spiritual revelations and a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. The Bible will come alive, and be made applicable to your life today. 


How do I hear God’s voice? What does the ‘Holy Spirit leading’ look and feel like?  How do I know the will of God for me in a particular matter?

The teaching of Spirit-Led Life gives deep and detailed practical instruction on how to increase your sensitivity to the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit in your everyday life. Applying the principles taught in this subject will revive your relationship with God as you UNLEARN erroneous beliefs, establish and embrace new ones and live out a Spirit-led life on the adventure God has for you. 

leadership & ministry

Everyone is a leader, even if it’s just within the context of leading yourself.

If you want to grow as a leader or in your capacity to minister, this is the course for you. We will delve deeper into the keys that will enable you to lead more effectively in every area of your life. We will cover topics such as The Tests of Leadership, and how to lead through change and challenging situations. Each class will be interactive, where you may ask questions, bringing greater depth and insight to the truths you
are learning.  

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships looks at the foundational truths and principles that we need to apply to all our relationships in life. This includes singlehood, courtship, marriage, and parenting. The principles, truths, and ministry will heal and restore broken relationships in your life, and develop your emotional capacity to care, love, and build satisfying and transforming relationships. We will look at our family of origin and some of the functional and dysfunctional family patterns that we may have inherited. This will include ministry to bring healing and restoration in your relationships.




Our minds are renewed by learning, but our lives are shaped by serving. Jesus modelled it, and we never graduate from serving. If we are too big to serve, we are too small to lead. Be practically engaged in bringing the reality of God to your world. Your gifts are God’s gift to you, and designed for Him to work through you.



Hunger for the Word is vital. We have David Storer, Mervin Jayaseela, Martin Steel, Shane Willard, Matt Fielder and other guests joining us in 2023, speaking on wholeness, biblical doctrine, leadership, spiritual disciplines, building culture, moving in the Spirit and practical wisdom for life and ministry.



Beyond learning and serving, it’s our prayer that you have an encounter with God. Whether it’s a dynamic encounter that you can point to or the cumulative effect of being in His presence for many hours over the year, we know God’s presence will mark the rest of your life as you set your affection on Him.


If you have any questions about Greenhouse, please email us at greenhouse.global@kingdomcity.com.