Jesus said, “Go into all the world and make disciples.” Disciples are people who don’t just accept Christ, but follow HimDisciples are those who are immersed in the nature of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and would see the signs and wonders that follow. 

In 2020, over 600 remarkable people in Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia and Botswana said “yes” to becoming a part of Greenhouse and the testimonies that have come out of it have been incredible. The turbulence of the year globally is the very reason why Jesus wants disciples locally – followers who anchor their faith beyond just a service or a sermon. 

A Greenhouse is an intentionally-created atmosphere, in which plants grow faster and healthier despite the external extremes outside. The carefullycultivated experience inside the Greenhouse provides a space for the right things to develop. 

We cannot avoid the weather of the crazy world around us, but it is worth investing a season of your life to grow. This is our desire for you.  

The 1st year of Greenhouse is aimed at investing into your discipleship journey. Through intensive training, the goal of first year is to accelerate the Godly-shaping of your life. We believe that spiritual shaping does not happen through theory alone, so the year has been designed to have a holistic approach of equipping through training, relational engagement with others, God-encounters and the experience of new environments.   

We invite you to place yourself on the “The Potter’s Wheel”, where the hand of God will shape you into the vessel that He wants you to be.  

Our vision is that everyone who calls Kingdomcity home, will bring the reality of God to their world, throughout the world. To achieve this, we need an army of dedicated disciples who are trained, equipped, and ready to go to the nations. 

With this in mind, the 2nd year of training is specifically designed to refine the ministry and leadership acumen of our students. 

The curriculum will build on the foundation of the 1st year training, with four streams taught by experienced leaders, teachers and pastors. 


Our lives are shaped by learning, but it’s also shaped by serving. Jesus modelled it, and we never graduate from serving. If we are too big to serve, we are too small to lead. Become part of the team that makes church what it is, and be practically engaged in bringing the reality of God to our world.


Hunger for the Word is vital and we have incredible leaders, teachers and pastors bringing revelation from the Word that covers wholeness, doctrine, leadership, spiritual disciplines, building culture, moving in the Spirit and practical wisdom for life and ministry.


Nobody grows from theory only. A huge core of Greenhouse is making the space and the place to encounter God’s presence on your own and with other disciples. Whether it’s a dynamic encounter that you can point to, or the cumulative effect of being in His presence for many hours over the year, we know God’s presence will mark the rest of your life as you set your affection on Him.


Jesus taught the Word, engaged His disciples in serving, gave them power and authority in encounter and also sent them on mission. In 2021, we will go on mission. Some of life’s greatest branding moments are the mission trips we go on. Often we go hoping to bring change, but came back more changed.


As part of the Greenhouse, students will be actively involved in the running of various Kingdomcity events and services. This will include involvement in all aspects of the preparation, planning and execution of the events and services being run throughout the yearIt will be a key part of the Greenhouse experience as it encompasses the Greenhouse pillars.


Both 1st & 2nd Year of Greenhouse will run from February until October 2021.


A registration fee applies for Greenhouse. Please register online and the Greenhouse team in your city will be in touch with you soon.

All applications submitted after 31 December 2020 will be charged an application fee.


1st Year is available to anyone in Kingdomcity in every country that we’re in.

2nd Year is available to those who graduated from the 1st Year of Greenhouse.

If you have any questions about Greenhouse, email us at


Kingdomcity Greenroom is a smorgasbord of online resources that have been designed to enhance your leadership and strengthen your development.