Welcome to Kingdomcity Kids!

We have special worksheets and activities available for kids every week! Click on the thumbnails below to download them now.

About Kingdomcity Kids

At Kingdomcity Kids, our vision is to “connect, equip and empower your kids to bring the reality of God to their world.”

We aim to create a great environment for your children to get to know God and have an amazing time. We believe that every child is valuable and that whatever their age, God desires to have a relationship with them. We hope that your family will be blessed by your time here and come to find that it feels just like home.

Baby Royalty

Our infants and young toddlers age group for all children aged 1-2 years.

Young Royalty

Our pre-schooler and toddler age group for all children aged 3-5 years.

Fearless Royalty

Our primary age group for all children aged 6-12 years.

Kingdomcity Kids Online Connects

Kingdomcity Kids Online Connects are a great opportunity for your child to stay connected, make new friends and pray with other kids their age. Running in many of our locations, these Connects are for Kids aged 6-12 and are hosted by our Kingdomcity Kids pastors. You can register your interest for an online connects using the permission form below!